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natural gas faqs



What is natural gas?

The prevailing scientific theory is that natural gas was formed millions of years ago when plants and tiny sea animals were buried by sand and rock. Natural gas is a combustible, gaseous mixture of simple hydrocarbon compounds, usually found in deep underground reservoirs. Layers of mud, sand, rock and plant and animal matter continued to build up until the pressure and heat from the earth turned them into petroleum and natural gas..

Where is natural gas used?

Natural gas is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is the dominant energy used for home heating with about 55 percent of American homes using gas. The use of natural gas is also rapidly increasing in electric power generation and cooling, and as a transportation fuel.

What is natural gas mainly used for in Florida?

About 46 percent of natural gas delivered to U.S. consumers is used in the industrial sector, providing energy for everything from mining minerals to processing food. Generating electricity consumes about 15 percent. Another 15 percent is used in the commercial market—for heating and cooling office buildings, hospitals and schools, and for cooking in restaurants. Most of the remaining amount—about 22 percent—is used in the residential market, providing energy for home heating, hot water, cooking, clothes drying and air conditioning.

Where does Florida's supply of natural gas originate from?

Three segments of the natural gas industry are involved in delivering natural gas from the wellhead to the consumer. Production companies explore, drill and extract natural gas from the ground. Transmission companies operate the pipelines that link the gas fields to major consuming areas. Distribution companies are the local utilities that deliver natural gas to the customer. Florida's supply of natural gas originates mainly from wells in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

What is CNG?

CNG (compressed natural gas) is natural gas that is compressed so that it can be stored in cylinders. CNG is often used as a temporary fuel source or as a clean-burning alternative to vehicle fuel.

What is LNG?

LNG (liqueified natural gas) is a natural gas that has been cooled to extremely low temperatures to condense it into a liquid so that it may be transported by large trucks or ships over long distances. LNG is used to provide additional sources of supply into the U.S. It is shipped from other countries and unloaded to coastal terminal facilities connected to pipelines.

What is natural gas' safety record?

Natural gas has a strong safety record. Over the past 10 years, safety incidents throughout the U.S. have decreased by 38% due to industry efforts, while the amount of natural gas delivered to customers increased by nearly 25% during the same period.

Why do natural gas prices fluctuate?

All energy prices fluctuate, from gasoline at the pump to electricity. The increased use of natural gas for electric generation without a corresponding increase in natural gas supply has, in part, resulted in higher costs. This is one of the reasons Florida is expanding its natural gas supply.

What is the difference between natural gas and propane/LP gas?

Natural gas is piped directly to a home or business through an underground pipeline delivery system. Propane (LP gas) is a liquid and is delivered by trucks to individual storage tanks. Propane is extracted from natural gas and oil. Natural gas is primarily composed of methane, while propane is primarily just propane with small amounts of butane.

How reliable is Florida's supply of natural gas?

Florida's natural gas pipelines and distribution systems have a proven track record for providing one of the state's most reliable sources of energy, with very few disruptions in service even during emergencies and hurricanes. Florida's well-established, regulated underground pipeline delivery system contributes to this dependability.

Is natural gas a Clean Fuel?

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing primarily carbon dioxide, water vapor and small amounts of nitrogen oxides.

How is natural gas measured? (What is a BTU?)

Natural gas, like other forms of heat energy, is measured in British thermal units or Btu. One Btu is equivalent to the heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at atmosphere pressure. However, consumer bills are usually measured in heat content or therms. One therm is a unit of heating equal to 100,000 Btu.

On average, how many therms of natural gas do my gas appliances use?

The average monthly use for a water heater is 24 therms; for a range, 2 therms; and for a gas dryer, 5 therms. A gas grill uses 0.23 therms per use, and gas logs use 3 therms for every 8 hours of use.

Does Lake Apopka Natural Gas require a contract?

Lake Apopka Natural Gas does not require a written contract. However, by accepting gas service from LANGD, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Service. When you select a fixed price plan, you are entering into a contract to remain on the plan for the length of your agreement.

What are my payment options with Lake Apopka Natural Gas?

Payment in full is due on or before the due date shown on your bill using one of the following payment options:

  • 1) Online through your checking or savings account. Save time and postage costs by paying online. This service is available nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s easy to register. You must have a copy of a recent bill so you can enter your account number, name and address exactly as they appear on your bill. Online payment is safe, secure and dependable.
  • 2) Check or money order via the mail. Your payment may take up to seven business days to be processed.
  • 3) Pay by phone. You can pay your gas bill using your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or certain ATM/debit cards using the automated pay service. Just call 407.656.2734 and follow the recorded instructions. Lake Apopka does not assess a processing fee for this type transaction.
  • 4) Pay by phone (LIVE). Same as above but Customer Service will assist you with processing your payment. There will be an additional charge added for this method of payment.
  • 5) Automatic bank draft. When you sign up for automatic bank draft, we automatically withdraw the amount due from your financial institution on the due date shown on your bill. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the withdrawal will be completed the next business day. To sign up, call Lake Apopka Natural Gas for an application 407.656.2734, or download an application (PDF) to mail, e-mail or fax to us.
  • 6) Walk in. Visit any of our 3 conveniently located offices in Clermont, Winter Garden or Apopka.

Does Lake Apopka Natural Gas need my social security number when I sign up?

Although the law does not require you to provide your Social Security number for identification purposes, Lake Apopka Natural Gas must have that information in order to complete your application for service.

I’ve recently chosen automatic bank draft for automatic payment of my gas bill. How do I know when my automatic bank draft payment will be debited from my checking account?

Lake Apopka’s bank draft payment plan automatically withdraws the amount due from your financial institution. Your account will be debited on the due date shown on your bill unless that date is a holiday or on a weekend. In those cases, your account will be debited the next business day.

What should I do if I want to terminate service with Lake Apopka Natural Gas?

As of February 1, 2011, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District will no longer accept telephone calls as authorization for service termination. If you are moving within Florida, outside of Florida, or otherwise want to terminate service, you must give a minimum of ten (10) business days’ advance notice by:

  • Electronically by completing the Disconnect Form,
  • In writing to our address at 1320 Winter Garden-Vineland Rd., Winter Garden, FL 34787,
  • In person (proof of identification and signature will be required),
  • Faxed written request to 407.656.9371 (Proof of i.d., such as driver license number or social security number must be listed.), or
  • E-mail to (Proof of i.d., such as driver license number or social security number must be listed.)

Please note that Lake Apopka Natural Gas District is not responsible for written or electronic correspondence sent to the wrong address. If you do not notify Lake Apopka Natural Gas District in writing, in person or by electronic correspondence, service will be continued until such notice is received. In either case, you will be responsible for paying all charges incurred until the time of termination.

What information is included with my bill?

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