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natural gas appliances

Residential Appliances

From your backyard to bath, natural gas provides a broad range of choices that can add value to your home and complete the look and feel of every room. Boasting deluxe features and long life spans, natural gas appliances deliver the best in home comfort, as well as the efficiency.


Natural Gas Water Heaters
warm water baths and showerswater heater

Natural Gas Water Heaters are the difference between freezing and pleasing. Extremely efficient, natural gas water heaters provide the highest degree of performance and reliability, reducing wait times, cold streaks and showers cut short.

    • Get up to twice the hot water, nearly twice as fast
    • Lower energy bills
    • Continue to enjoy hot showers when the power goes out

Plus, with a new, natural gas tankless water heater, you get an endless supply of hot water and the best possible energy efficiency-bath after bath.

    • It heats water on demand, yielding an endless supply of hot water
    • Switch your non-gas water heater to as natural gas tankless and eliminate, on average, 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year!
Natural Gas Ranges
cooktops and rangesrange

With a Natural gas range, there’s nothing to hold you back. Precise control of the flame lets you boil, then simmer in a flash. Even heat makes for better tasting results. Preferred by more than nine-out-of-ten chefs, natural gas is a must for the cooking enthusiast.

Natural Gas Cooktops

    • Precision temperature control takes you from a boil to a simmer, almost instantaneously
    • Even heat makes for better results
    • Never shuffle another pan with instant on/off
    • Operates on about half the cost of a non-gas range
    • Continue to enjoy home-cooking when the power goes out

Natural Gas Ovens

    • Precise heat makes for greater control
    • Gas heat contains more moisture than non-gas, leading to better quality baking
    • Smokeless broiling keeps kitchens cooler
Natural Gas Furnace
cozy warm livingfurnace

Take home comfort to the next degree. A natural gas furnace provides warmer heat, faster—on far less energy. With natural gas, you can eliminate drafts and chills, and maintain the perfect temperature in every room. And remember, when the temperature dips below 40°, electric pumps simply can’t keep up.

    • Up to 25 degrees warmer heat than non-gas
    • More consistent temperatures without drafts
    • Helps improve air quality
    • Lights with electric ignitions
    • Keep up with the lowest temperatures
Natural Gas Clothes Dryer
clothes dryingdryer

A Natural gas clothes dryer dries your clothes faster, with less static and fewer wrinkles. Sayonara ironing board! Plus, new moisture sensors stop heat the instant clothers are dry, which prevents fabrics from over-tumbling and gives you more wear out of your wardrobe.

    • Dry clothes nearly twice as fast as non-gas. No more clothes staying wet in the wash!
    • Cost less to operate
    • Gas moisture is gentler on fabrics
    • Pilot-less ignitions and moisture sensors help eliminate wrinkles and prevent clothes from over-cooking  
Natural Gas Fireplace

A Natural gas fireplace provides every bit the elegance of a traditional—minus the mess. With only the touch of a button, lifelike gas logs and flames render warmth and atmosphere. And with a versatile range of sizes and designs, your hearth can be the center of the den or that soft something extra.

    • Skip the chopping, hauling and clean up of wood
    • Turn on flames with the touch of a button
    • Can be installed almost anywhere in your home
    • Run on pennies an hour and emit far less pollutants
    • No smoky odor or ashes
    • Fireplace inserts and natural gas log sets available
Natural Gas Generator
stormy weather generators generator

When worrisome weather hits, stop scrambling to fuel up your generator. Natural gas generators power homes automatically, saving you some chaos—and a trip.

    • Eliminate the need to buy and store fuel
    • Turn on within seconds of a power outage
    • Shut off once the electricity returns
    • Efficient natural gas costs up to 50% less to operate than non-gas
Natural Gas Grill
grills grill

Fuss-free natural gas makes manning the grill less work and more play. And since natural gas means immediate, uninterrupted grilling, it’s a must-have for those that don’t “mess around” with barbeque.

    • With instant on, there’s no such thing as waiting  
    • No tanks to fill, no charcoal to buy, no mess to clean up
    • Never run out of gas in the middle of cooking
    • Unmatched natural gas precision gives you greater control of cooking temperatures
Natural Gas Outdoor Heating
outdoor heatingoutdoor heating

Fresh air. Crickets chirping. The moonlight. The best things in life are free—but why not enjoy them in upped ambience and comfort? With efficient natural gas outdoor heat, get the most out of your backyard or patio all year round.

    • Choose from chimineas, outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters, which heat up to a 20-foot radius!
    • Get warmer heat, faster
    • Costs less to operate 
Natural Gas Pool Heater
pool and spa heating poolheater

If you have a pool or spa, it should take more than a few cold months to stop you from using them. With natural gas, heat water in far less time—and practically swim in energy savings.

    • Heats pools in hours and spas in minutes
    • Costs 2 ½ times less to operate than electric pump
    • 2 to 4 times greater heating power than electric pump
    • Operate on less energy
Natural Gas Outdoor Lighting
outdoor lighting outdoor lighting

With natural gas outdoor lights, you can glow “green” while adding subtle charm and functional light from the front walkway to backyard.

    • Helps save fuel and won’t attract insects
    • Soft, glowing light without the glare of non-gas
    • Increase home security
    • Large variety of styles and designs
    • Lights stay on when the power goes out